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CenturionMail 3.03

CenturionMail 3.03

CenturionMail Publisher's Description

"If you do not want to risk emails being intercepted, but do not want to pay through the nose for protection -- or attend a three week training class to learn how to use it -- 
this product is for you." 

Secure Computing Magazine
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CenturionMail™ 3.03 is a powerful yet easy-to-use security program for encrypting e-mails as well as  files/folders. CenturionMail uses self-decrypting technology so your recipient needs nothing to open the encrypted email except the password. Microsoft® Outlook® integration and administrator control tools make this the perfect email encryption software for companies. And now with with version 3.03, CenturionMail offers:

  • Password Manager
  • On-the-fly file encryption
  • Shredder for securely deleting files
  • More customization features
  • 256-bit encryption

Why Email Encryption?  

Email is how we do business, bank, make consumer choices, read the news, and communicate with the world. Many Internet users assume that the information transmitted is as secure as a letter or as private as a conversation between two people.

However, all electronic messages are sent through a vast system of routers and servers.  At points along this path, email messages can be stored, and the contents of your private conversations and business transactions can potentially be retrieved, read, and used.

Every time you send email, you are putting your messages, privacy, and trust into the hands of numerous nameless, faceless individuals and organizations with no guidelines or concern for your privacy or security.

Why CenturionMail™?  

  • Most email encryption programs are complicated to use - particularly those that use public and private keys (asymmetric encryption).  CenturionMail™ uses symmetric encryption* and is so easy to use that everyone can get the benefits of being able to send secure emails. Plus your recipient doesn't need the software to receive encrypted messages.
  • Unlike many other programs, with CenturionMail encrypted emails stay encrypted even in the recipient´s mailbox until they are decrypted.  When the message is closed, the email is encrypted again.  This ensure that email messages are secure not only while they are being transported by the Internet but also while on your recipient´s system.
  • CenturionMail is NOT a web-based service.  When you encrypt email using a web service, the email is transferred using the HTTP protocol, and stored on their web server. With CenturionMail, your emails are always in your control before they are encrypted and sent.  Recent events have confirmed that web-based encryption is not a secure way to protect your emails.
  • CenturionMail is reasonably priced and includes a perpetual license to use the version you purchase.  Most other email encryption programs require an annual subscription fee.

Self-decrypting techology.  CenturionMail's Self decrypting technology means that your recipient will be able to decrypt your encrypted message without have to download or install any software, nor will they need to register for an encryption key.  The encrypted part of the email arrives in an email attachment which when opened prompts them to enter your pre-agreed upon password.  When the enter the password, the information is decrypted along with any text or files and folders you included.

Outlook® Plug-in.  If you use Microsoft® Outlook® then sending an encrypted message is even easier.  It's all done by clicking one button in Outlook before you send the message and entering a password.  All text and attachments will be encrypted.  It's that easy.  But even if you don't have Outlook®, CenturionMail™ is very easy to use and works with your existing email program (POP3, SMTP, IMAP4) including Outlook Express™ , Lotus Notes™ , and Eudora™ .  

Why doesn't everyone use encryption? The problem is generally ease of use - if encryption is too difficult to use, understand, and is too time consuming - most people will send emails unencrypted and hope for the best. An organization may decide that certain types of documents or information can only be sent by hard copy but then they lose the speed and cost advantage of email.

Issues that need to be considered when sending an encrypted email:

Is it easy to send?
Is it easy for the recipient to decrypt the message?
Does the recipient need to install or download any software?
Is the encryption secure?

CenturionMail™ provides an answer for these concerns:

It is easy to use, often only adding one additional click to sending an email. It is easy for the recipient to decrypt, they need only run the attachment and enter the password. The recipient doesn't need to install or download any software, except possibly an unzip program. The encryption is strong and secure using 256 bit, open source, AES encryption.

English, German, and French versions available.

-*Click here to learn more of the differences between symmetric and asymmetric encryption.-  

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